Welcome to our new home on the web! We at Great Plains Press are committed to publishing original books with true and exciting characters. These are accompanied by visually stunning illustrations by gifted illustrators including nationally prominent, Barry Moser. You may join all of them on their journey and experience the greatest adventures life has to offer!

Please note that all of our 32 page Illustrated books are based on True Stories. We find them more compelling. However, our two young adult novellas (Shadow Angel & Abandoned Z) are fictional tales that take place in a contemporary climate and tackle some of today’s toughest domestic issues.  

Thanks for the Memories card with colorful background with defocThere comes a time in the life of every website in which one must say goodbye to the designs of yesteryear.  Technology moves so quickly and our darlings grow up so fast.  Our previous website won awards for its fantastic design and interactive features.  However, it was built on a flash platform which doesn’t work anymore on most mobile devices and tablets so we had to move on and build an updated site for our new and loyal readers. If you are using a browser that is still Adobe Flash capable, please visit our old site and poke around by clicking here.  We’ve archived it for your enjoyment and hope it finds a place on a memorable shelf in the historical library that is the world wide web.  Now onto the new world of Great Plains Press! We are so glad you are here.


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