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Dirk_AboutUsGreat Plains Press was founded in Chicago in 1993. At the outset, the company specialized in art books. This genre successfully launched the company into producing several books on photography with text. A book of short stories was also published.

The good fortune of this early work is that all the editions but one sold out so a Back List was never developed. The one remaining book that has short stock is Circle the Number You Love, Cross Off the Number You Hate. There is a limited number of copies in either paper or handcover.

In 2003 Great Plains Press was reorganized and the management team decided to aggressively move into children’s books. We hope that you’ll find our “children’s books” to have an ageless appeal. Think of the James Thurber quote, “…books for children of all ages.” Therefore in 2003, our first children’s book was released: A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot

You will be happy to note that A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail Mail Mascot has sold to date, 38,000 copies. It is also “a staple” at almost every Railroad Museum in the U. S. After all, Owney was a “Rail Mail” Dog. Woof!!

We also want to recognize our amazing illustrators, beginning with Berry Moser, the illustrator of Jack London’s Dog.  Mr. Moser has illustrated over 200 books. Diane Kenna (A Lucky Dog, Penny House),Catherine Dejong Artman (Further Adventures A Lucky Dog),Lynn Ihsen Peterson (Twice A Hero), and Bridgette Comellas (A Giraffe…).

We think the Age Range for our books is 8 to 100. However, please note that our last two books are socially oriented for Young Adults and grown-ups: Shadow Angel and Abandoned Z

Great Plains Press is always looking for new ideas, authors and illustrators. If you’d like to submit, please use the contact form located here.

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