Find a Bookstore

Great Plains Press has always believed that Local Bookstores should be supported. Our good fortune is that these same stores have been good in supporting us. Clearly, you will understand that we have not been able to visit all the Local Bookstores in America — though we have been fortunate to be invited to give show and tell talks of our books in many of them.

A Few of our Favorites:

  • Santa Fe New Mexico Collected Works
  • Alburquerque N M Bookworks
  • Chicago The Magic Tree (in Oak Park)
  • Bookman’s Alley (in Evanston)
  • San Francisco area Book Passage (Belvedere/Tiburon)
  • Los Angeles area Tabula Rasa Essentials (Manhattan Beach)
Railroad Museums in America:

  • A Lucky Dog… and Further Adventures
    can be found in almost every railroad museum
    in America!
  • To find a list of Railroad Museums
    near you, click here!

Mainly, we’d like you to know that you can walk into any bookstore in the country and order our books. If you live near or visit railroad museums our books will most likely be found in their gift shop. 

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